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Your Wedding Entertainment Must Be Perfect for Your Big Day Sugartown Road Band are no doubt the leaders in wedding entertainment. With a proven history and reputation all over Ireland and Northern Ireland as the band that fills dance floors with guests of all age groups and live music from all eras. From the moment you enquire about booking Sugartown Road you will be treated with our professional approach and quality customer care. We  know, through our many years experience performing at weddings, that every new Bride & Groom’s guests are different.  It is the timing of playing the correct song at the right time that is key to keeping your wedding day being a lively, enjoyable and fun experience and one that will have your guests raving for weeks and months to follow. We are a self managed band, ie we do not use an outside booking agent,   so you get to cut out the middle man and deal directly with the band themselves. We have found that all our couples who enquire and who have booked Sugartown Road for their wedding, found it much simpler and a more pleasant experience to be able to call us directly. As there are so many couples living abroad who have a time difference,  our phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make it easier to get in touch. During the times when we are performing, our phone line is managed and all queries are taken care off. Wedding Day Packages Sugartown Road Band is a collective group of  6 seasoned and experienced musicians.  This is made up of keyboards, drums, lead guitar, bass and all vocals.  Our keyboard’s are advanced with an array of sounds such as a full brass effect to add the wow factor to your wedding day’s entertainment.. We can offer you your after dinner entertainment that is non stop, live and a magical mix of jives, soul, charts, funk, rock, quicksteps. There is normally a break at your buffet and following that we will return to continue your party, leaving you, your family and guests with nothing but fabulous memories of your wedding day! Following Sugartown Road’s live set we can start the DJ set immediately.  Phelim Carragher who is the drummer in the band and who runs Sugartown Road is also your DJ. There is no down time in setting up as we use the same high quality sound and lighting equipment.  It is a streamlined transition between Sugartown Road Band and Sugartown Road Disco…… It’s all about keeping your guests dancing and your dance floor full.

There are weddings & then there is a Sugartown Road Wedding