fully live

With top class quality equipment and lights you are sure to have your guests dazzled


A collective group professional musicians. Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and vocals.

wedding Band

With a reputation for filing dance floors with pop, rock n roll, country, soul, charts and much much more.

Your Sugartown Road Wedding

It’s your Wedding Day, you look around the dance floor and it’s full. Everyone is up dancing to Sugartown Road and this is why you booked us because you wanted to have the best wedding ever. You just could not be happier, the atmosphere is electric and your guests have been dancing to pop, country, rock, chats, soul and so much more. Even the older guests haveĀ  been on the dance floor. Everyone has been catered for and this is why everyone books Sugartown Road Band.

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There are weddings & then there is a Sugartown Road Wedding